Top Best 10 Ethical Shoe Brands That Are Ruling

Ethical shoe brands, if you are not aware of the term yet, are the latest sensation in the fashion world. With everyone getting more aware of the environment and factors that may disrupt the ecosystem, ethical shoes or fair-trade is becoming more popular with the consumers of the fashion industries.

Ethical Shoe

This is the reason more labels are moving towards more sustainable options when it comes to shoes, handbags, and clothes, and doing away with cruelty and any other equally condemnable practices that leave the environment stripped.

We applaud the big labels that are resorting to sustainable shoes than just leather. This is an end-to-end process that ascertains that the natural resources of any kind are not exploited in the process just so someone gets one’s dream shoes.

Now, for the ones who are aware of this concept and have been looking for ethical shoes, you have come to the right place.

Best Ethical Shoe Brands In The Market:


As the very manifestation of slow fashion, the brand has created an ecosystem surrounding minimalism, neutral palette, muted undertones, sustainability, fair production values, renewable and recyclable wood, and locally sourced leather. The owners of this family-run business are from Spain, but as the business boomed, they have set up their headquarters in New York.

The designing and production still happen in their country of origin, Spain. An honest business that they have set up, gives you a sense of pride in being their customer, no less than what a luxury brand can offer.

Stella McCartney:

This luxury brand turned towards sustainability even before it became a thing when it wasn’t even a priority for big brands that could shape the market accordingly. Luckily, Stella McCartney grew up as the much-needed pioneers that other brands could look up to. Being a renowned brand, Stella McCartney never compromised on its style or quality for resorting to sustainability.

It is quite amusing that though most of its customers turn toward Stella McCartney for its sustainability, most of the loyal customers of the brand are totally ignorant of the fact that these designer shoes, bags, and apparel are not made of real leather, fur or wool.


Veja understands that the world needs to embrace sustainable, environmental, and eco-friendly fashion. The label thinks that the world of fashion has always been more talk than action, and disheartened by this attitude, it was compelled to contribute its bit. All the shoes are manufactured in their Brazil and France industries, and compliant with International Labour Laws of respective countries.

It procures its rubber at premium prices directly from the Amazonian forest and ensures a sustainable livelihood for families that depend on this as their only source of income; Veja also cultivates its cotton from organic co-operative groups. And hence it helps all the causes related to the environment but doesn’t compromise on style.


Another brand that highly depends on sustainability is Nisholo. While most labels are focused on opening one store after another in lightning speed, Nisolo is focused on coming up with attractive designs in exceptional qualities, and this is how the company tried to save the planet one shoe at a time. They hold that our personal styling should be aimed at being more than just cheap and inexpensive.

Nisolo doesn’t involve any middlemen in their operations and every penny of the payments reaches the real makers at Peru. Along with fair pay, they also maintain safe working spaces for their workers and provides healthcare facilities.

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Luis Moreno was moved when he found that small shoemaking artisan suffered greatly when a unit of mass production was moved from Bagota to Asia. She found these artisans to be immensely talented and to not utilize this talent pool would be a shame. She worked with these shoemakers to produce some handmade shoes which were crafted to perfection, and hence encouraged her to open a production unit here. Every pair of these shoes are made ethically, and the artisans are signed up for workshops so they can hone up their skills.


The fashion company was started by Blake Mycoskie, when it realized that people, even children in Argentina, couldn’t afford shoes to wear. They initiated their effort to manufacture comfortable shoes, combat boots and loafers, by adopting ethical methods. The operation of Toms follows a thorough one-on-one business model, which assures that every purchase from the brand provided a child a pair of shoes to wear.

The label, to date, has given over 60 million pairs of shoes to the needy so far, and is set on their mission to help uplift underprivileged communities stuck in poverty in Africa and other countries. If you can, do grab a pair of Toms’ fair trade shoes.

Sseko Designs:

Based in Uganda, this clothing company is missioned to help the college dropouts who were forced to quit education because of lack of resources. All products of Sseko are manufactured using ethical leather. Through the sales of their product, the company helps send girls to college. They also employ women from poor backgrounds so they can become more independent and capable of rearing a family. Even American women can sell their products through Sseko and the profit of it is used for the upliftment of women in East Africa. So wherever you buy a product from this label, know you are helping a girl go to school.


Kyle Parsons from California started this company with the aim of addressing a major problem that was leading to increased pollution all over the world since centuries, tires. We all know that decomposing tires a huge problem and the very thought that the first ever manufacture tire is still around happened to bother Kype.

Though the third world countries use tires as a combustible fuel, the burning of it causes immense pollution and released toxic waste. And hence, the shoemaker came out with the idea of making shoes with recycles tires. He purchased his first pair from Bali and felt drawn towards this country for its beauty. And then he went back and started one of the best sustainable shoe brands that manufactured shoes from tires.


‘Veerah’ the Sanskrit word means ‘warrior’. True to its name, the brand started by a group of women who had a strong belief that sustainability and ethics is production in its truest sense, was what the world needed is more of at these times. Veerah sourced its materials absolutely from cruelty-free resources. There are not many brands that make shoes with interchange or reusable souls, but Veerah does exactly that. This means a pair of shoes can be used, fixed and reused several times, thereby reducing the carbon footprints we leave on this planet.

Matt & Nat:

The label Matt and Natt got its name from ‘Materials and Nature’. The company takes inspiration from nature and other natural material that surrounds us and finds inspiration in the understated beauty of hidden nature. They believe in protecting and nurturing Mother Nature and all their products are manufactured keeping this motive in mind and its collection is a manifestation of it. Matt & Nat is always aiming for the next notch and learning new ways to recycle waste products and make new designs out of them.

If you too are inspired to move to fair trade shoes, or anything form of ethical, and sustainable fashion etc., this is the way to go and you better start from today. It’s one pair at a time, one shirt at a time. What you purchase from these ethical shoe brands will go back to nature or help someone at lack of fate to have a better life. I personally own a pair of ethical running shoes and can’t describe in words what amazing comfort I feel when I have them put on. Have you tried one of them? Let us know in the comments box.

College Student Fashion Trends To Follow In 2020

College Student, Everyone knows a proverb “Meet by clothes, see off by mind”. When entering a college, both girls and boys want to make an impression on their peers. It isn’t a secret that it’s much easier to make friends if you look stylish and fashionable.

College Student

Want to know what college fashion trends are popular in 2020? Professional team of writers from ProHighGrades want you to remember that you need to emphasize your sense of style wearing clothes that will look appropriate in the educational establishment. It isn’t necessary to wear short skirts and open blouses to attract everyone’s attention. Wear such pieces of clothes when going to the party. Don’t waste time asking Google what to wear today. Here are college student fashion trends wearing which you’ll look really stylish.

Shirts And Blouses:

White and black shirts and blouses are the most important attribute of the basic wardrobe of any person associated with business and study activities. In the search for relevant and stylish options, you should pay attention to things, styles, and details.

In 2020, stylish shirts and blouses are free to cut, semi-fitted, and slightly fitted. Shirts and blouses in oversize style will emphasize your personal style this year. Models of shirts are similar to those men wear. An important and fashionable detail in shirts and blouses, relevant this season, is the design of cuffs and sleeves. Interesting and unusual sleeves can add certain charm and grace to your image. Pay attention to reserved shirts with elongated, widely tucked or narrow cuffs, with ties or buttons (2-4 buttons are the best option).

Stylish tip: the most mundane look of a shirt or trousers can be successfully changed with a simple trick – use twists. They’re of different widths, – just find your optimal length.

Jeans And Trousers:

Current models of trousers – shortened with an open ankle, culottes, with an arrow adjusted or stitched in front. If it gets colder and wants to hide the ankles, we recommend paying attention to woolen trousers, as well as wide styles of pants. The most relevant and suitable for this category of the wardrobe are a cage and a strip.

Wide denim jeans and trousers (along the entire length) look very stylish. Flared pants suit very thin and tall fashion girls because they will give their figure a very interesting silhouette. The most fashionable pair of jeans and trousers have a high waist.

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Jackets, Cardigans, Blazers:

Today, this part of the modern wardrobe is one of the most fashionable in the arsenal of every fashion girl. Any stylish girl should have a stylish and practical jacket or cardigan. There are a lot of current models in this category – oversized jackets, men’s style jackets, classic tailoring blazers, elongated jackets. Too short blazers and jackets on a single button are not relevant now.

For university students, elongated blazers that resemble a shortened coat are suitable. This option is quite appropriate and in some cases can really replace outer clothing if it has a high percentage of wool in the fabric.
Today’s interesting options are blazers with cut sleeves along the inner seam (looks great if products are made of soft materials). It is important here not to cross the line of what is permitted – a similar model of a blazer should be appropriate in the business environment and emphasize your personality. Wide shouldered models are also in fashion.

Stylish tip: the most fashionable outfit using a blazer or jacket in your image – a combination with belts. Belts can be thin, wide, with minimalistic, or voluminous yarns. You should use belts of the most simple designs, slightly in the men’s style, without elaborate and massive buckles, or more openwork options in the style of Western.


Knitted turtlenecks are relevant, they’re either oversized or slightly fitted styles. When it’s cool outside, it is perfect to choose a top from warm fabrics – soft and pleasant to the body mohair and dense knitwear.
Oversize coarse-knit sweaters, ribbed super-knit sweaters, sweaters with unusual sleeves are also in fashion. Students, as well as teachers, should pay attention to ribbed sets – sweater + skirt. Braiding is also relevant, but in spring and autumn, knitting and print in the form of rhombuses are the most popular.


The most optimal shoes are loafers, brogues, ballet flats with an elongated toe and a strap at the back, low-heeled shoes, mules. Oxfords, which were popular not so long ago, are not relevant now. Create a fashionable image with the highlighted sock (in color, other material, for example, metal).
Chelsea boots continue to be relevant – the most practical option you are free to wear every day. They are on a flat stroke, and on the heel. Cossack boots are another shoe trend of 2020. In early fall/spring, choose ankle boots and pipe boots with a wide shin and a low stable heel.

Bags & Backpacks:

If you are a college student, then you should forget about round bags, which became a real hit last year. After all, such a bag is completely not practical for educational supplies – books and notebooks. Here, you should give preference to a classic rectangular bag or model, slightly going into a trapezoidal shape. The backpacks are very fashionable this season. Choose classic leather models that are roomy and comfortable.

Most educational establishments provide students with the rights to choose what to wear. So, use your chance to follow fashion and impress everyone on the campus by creating a cute image.

11 Best Fish Recipes | Easy Fish Recipes | Maachh Recipes

Fish Recipes are usually low in fat and high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 improves mental functions and helps in maintaining a healthy heart by lowering blood pressure. Researchers have discovered that eating fish regularly may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from asthma to prostate cancer. Whitefish like cod are a great source of low-fat proteins while oily fish like sardines, salmon, and mackerel are dense with omega-3 acids.

Fish Recipes

Quit tip for buying fresh fish –  Look for the ones with clean bright eyes. Fish with dull eyes may be safe to consume but not fresh. A fish should smell like clean water and not have any bad odor. The flesh should be bright and shiny. There should be no milky liquid on the flesh as that’s the first sign of becoming stale.

With a slight twist and a subtle kick, you’ll absolutely fall in love with our fancy 11 best fish recipes.

1. Masala Fried Pomfret

Crisp fried pomfret marinated in a melange of spices. A warm, sweet and tangy salad of cabbage, kiwi, mild spices and coconut makes a great side!

2. Fish Curry with Lotus Stems

A recipe from Marut Sikka’s cookhouse. The Czar of Indian flavors teaches us how to cook an authentic Kashmiri fish curry with lotus stems.

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3. Khud Style Baked Indian Basa

Rustic flavors of the basa fish wrapped in a banana leaf and baked. A traditional recipe from Raghogarh, Madhya Pradesh.

4. Fish Curry without Oil

Fish cooked with tamarind juice, coconut, onions, tomatoes, and chilies, without a drop of oil, in a clay pot. Fresh, fast and flavorsome!

5. Popcorn Crusted Fish Fingers

Fish Recipes1

The good old fish fingers with an extra crunch of popcorn. Fish fingers wrapped in a popcorn and bread crumb mixture. Bake or deep fry in hot oil.

6. Fish Cutlets

A fishy party starter! Steamed fish minced with spices, combined with potatoes, shaped into cutlets and fried to perfection.

7. Meen Curry with Ghee Bhaat

A recipe from ‘God’s own country’, Kerala. Fish is known as ‘meen’ down south. Fish fillets cooked in coconut milk with tamarind, mustard seeds, and other aromatic spices. Goes best with rice laced with desi ghee.

8. Thai Steamed Fish

For all the health fanatics a recipe with minimal sesame oil and brown sugar. Steamed in a range of assorted flavors, fish fillets are served with a sweet and sour sauce. Pure indulgence, guilt-free!

9. Chettinad Fish Fry

This one for all the spice lovers! Surmai or kingfish marinated in fiery flavors and fried till crisp. Chettinad is the cuisine of a region in Tamil Nadu known to be the spiciest and most aromatic cuisine in India.

10. Hariyali Machli With Onion Pulao

Diverse flavors meshed together in this recipe. A succulent fillet of fish cooked in a minty green masala and served with some smoky brown rice.

10 Creative DIY Beeswax Products To Try At Home

Do you know that the beeswax is an extremely, versatile ingredient used for several beauty products? There are endless reasons to support the same. For one, they are extremely nourishing and act as a protective barrier to seal in moisture into the skin. While its uses are many, there are some easy beeswax products you can make at home. If you haven’t tried it already, then read about our 10 recipes below.


Here are all the 10 beeswax recipes you can create at home.

1. Lip Balm:


This DIY lip balm is quite simple to create. It is all-natural with zero chemical ingredients. And all the more, it smells amazing. This is a must-try!


  • Shea butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Beeswax
  • Myrrh essential oil
  • Palmarosa essential oil


  • Mix the shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oil into a bowl.
  • Stir well until it melts and becomes clear. Make sure that the mixture does not boil.
  • Make use of a dry cloth to hold the bowl and transfer the melted mixture into a jar.
  • Use the jar to fill the lip balm tubes or containers.
  • Set aside to set. Once it is solid, you’re lip balm is ready for use.

    2. Solid Perfume:


    A scent that can be customized sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? You can get to decide your own unique scent. Plus, this one is really simple to make. You will be stunned by how good it turns out.


    • Organic essential oil
    • Beeswax
    • Jojoba oil


    • Add one tsp beeswax and melt it in a double boiler.
    • Once melted, add one tsp of the carrier oil and 40-50 drops of the essential oil.
    • Mix using a stick.
    • Transfer into a container making sure not to harden the mixture.
    • Allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes.
    • Once fully solidified, your perfume will be set.

      3. Sunscreen:


      As you must be aware, it is essential to use sunscreen at all costs. You may try making an all-natural SPF 30 option that can give you optimal benefits. Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to create one.


      • Beeswax granules
      • Shea butter
      • Coconut oil
      • Zinc oxide powder
      • Beeswax
      • Oil blend
      • Shea butter
      • Vitamin E oil
      • Zinc oxide powder
      • Essential oil (optional)


      • Mix one ounce of coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax granules in a heat resistant bowl.
      • Melt all the ingredients on low flame and set off to cool.
      • Add zinc oxide powder and mix all the ingredients well using a blender.
      • Transfer into mason jars or containers. Rub well onto skin until the lotion soaks into skin.

        4. Hair Pomade:


        Wish to whip up homemade pomade? Well we have just the right recipe for you. If you wish to give this a try, then read ahead.


        • Beeswax
        • Shea butter
        • Almond oil
        • Essential oil


        • Pour water into a saucepan and allow it to simmer for some time. Close the lid.
        • Melt one ounce of beeswax in a bowl add ½ ounce of shea butter. Once this melts, remove from heat, and add the almond and essential oil.
        • Transfer the hot mixture into a clean container.

          5. Homemade Deodorant:


          Most regular deodorant contains harsh chemicals that can be harmful for skin in the long run. You may try switching your options to a natural one for best use.


          • Baking soda
          • Arrowroot powder
          • Coconut oil
          • Shea butter
          • Beeswax


          • Melt equal parts coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax into a heat resistant bowl.
          • Once the base has melted, add the rest of the ingredients like baking soda and arrow root powder.
          • Mix well.
          • Take out the bowl and allow it to cool off for one minute.
          • Pout the deodorant into an empty jar.
          • Put it in the fridge and your homemade deodorant is ready for use.

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          • 6. Tummy Massage Cream:


            Technically this DIY massage cream is perfect for moms-to-be as it can get rid of stretch marks. But since this balmy cream does the trick of skin nourishment, everyone can use it irrespective.



          • Ingredients:
            • Cocoa butter
            • Grated beeswax
            • Coconut oil
            • Sweet almond oil
            • Vitamin E oil
            • Lavender essential oil


            • Add ½ cup cocoa butter, two tsp beeswax, and ¼ cup coconut in a sauce pan.
            • Mix well over medium-low heat until all the ingredients are melted.
            • Remove from heat and add sweet almond oil, lavender essential oil, and Vitamin E oil. Mix well until well blended.
            • Pour the mixture into a container and allow it to sit for an hour.
            • Once the balm turns from liquid to creamy texture, the cream can be ready for use.

              7. Sleep Salve:


              This sleep salve is soothing and can allow you to have a good night’s sleep. You can slather the solution on your feet for best effect. It is rather easy to make. Here is how you can do it.


              • Cinnamon bark essential oil
              • Ginger essential oil
              • Peppermint essential oil
              • Lemon essential oil
              • Grapefruit essential oil


              • Add 20 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil, 40 drops of ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil, lemon essential oil, and grapefruit essential oil each to a small bowl.
              • Stir well.

                8. Shaving Cream:


                This DIY shaving cream can be used both as a shaving oil and shaving soap. Apply a thin layer of the cream for best use. It does not lather and dry up the skin.


                • Coconut oil
                • Shea butter
                • Olive, jojoba, or sweet almond oil
                • Liquid castile soap


                • Melt 1/3 coconut oil, shea butter in a small saucepan over low heat.
                • Stir well until it melts well.
                • Add two tsp olive oil until well blended.
                • Remove from heat.
                • Transfer the mixture to a medium-sized bowl.
                • Whip until fluffy and add the castile soap.
                • Place the shaving cream in a tight container and store in a cool place.

                  10. Cellulite Cream:



                • beeswax2 

                  Yes, you read it right. You can make your very own cellulite cream now. Slathering this thick cream can prevent your dimples and provide you a natural glow.


                  • Grapefruit essential oil
                  • Beeswax
                  • Coconut oil


                  • Mix 10 drops of grapefruit essential oil, two tsp beeswax, and one cup coconut oil.
                  • Mix well.
                  • Store in a glass container.
                  • Rub on affected area for 5-10 minutes daily.
                  • These are some of the best methods to use your beeswax products. We are sure these can take care of your skin care needs. Share us your feedback in the comment section below.

4 Kerala Hindu Bride Looks That Gave Us Major Fashion Goals

Once all the wedding prep is lined up, venue has been booked and the date finalised, the next big thing on the agenda for your wedding is picking out the outfit. This is the part that gets us all so excited. The whole outfit right from the outfit itself to accessories that would perfectly compliment it – all of together will add to your get up and bridal look.

When it comes to the traditional weddings for Kerala Hindu brides, they more often end up wearing sarees and stick to traditional hues and palettes.  Here, we bring to you the best of traditional and modern looks to seek inspiration for your Kerala Hindu bridal look.

Kerala Hindu Bride

As south Indian weddings are usually a morning affair, the colour palette that the brides stick to are bright and summer hues. The seasons too are a big factor contributing to the ever-changing colour scheme. The six-yard drapes of luxury, the delicately plaited hair and subtle Kerala bridal makeup all come to define the Kerala Hindu bride, so read on to seek some inspiration for your bridal look.

1. The traditional Kerala saree

First off, we totally love it when the bridesmaids all together dress up in a single theme or colour for an event. It’s just an adorable touch apart from making for the perfect photo ops. Set between the sunshine yellow Indian bridesmaid dresses, the Kerala Hindu bride is all dressed up in a quintessential saree to the tradition here.

This white saree paired with a parrot green blouse design is a simple and elegant choice for brides who want to pay tribute to the age-old traditions, families have been a part of ages while also embracing simplicity. The bride accessorised it with a delicate saree belt, layers of lustrous gold and pretty choker. We also love the fresh flowers in her hair.

2. Red for the win!

The south Indian version of a classic red saree bride, this Kerala Hindu bride look is the perfect choice for the brides who want to reinvent and reinstate the classic red for its elegant and inherent royal vibes.

This red and gold lustrous saree is quite regal and looks perfect paired with the 3/4th sleeve blouse. The bride paired it with some dainty and delicate pieces of jewellery to let her outfit do all the speaking.

Kerala Hindu Bridered

A big part of the Kerala Hindu bride look are the hair accessories that these brides use. This bride’s plait is well-complemented with her Poola Jada made from rose petals and temple jewellery embellishments. All these little details look so good!

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3. A modern look

Unlike the usual Kerala Hindu bride palette of bright sarees, this bride chose a pastel pink saree which features such delicate details, that we are in complete awe.

Starting right from the subtle colour to the brocade material and the embellished borders everything works so seamlessly together without overpowering one another. We especially love the work on the net blouse with crystal and Zardosi work.

The bride then well complimented the outfit with platinum jewellery against the traditional gold. The maang tikka and delicate saree belt with shining diamonds just stand out as essential pieces in the look. Moving on, the bride’s hairstyle has flowers of the same hue with platinum embellishments giving it the finishing touch. We would not change a thing about this bride’s Kerala Hindu bridal look.

4. Bright and happy!

Everything about this Kerala Hindu bride look is just stunning and so fresh in terms of the colour combination, the blouse design and the accessories. We love it all. Starting with the traditional Pattu saree set in modern colours, the saree features pink, blue and mustard in a beautiful weave.

The bride then paired this with a teal coloured blouse which had intricate gold embroidery with touches of pink. The highlight of this blouse has to be the back with a deep oval cutout while the edges have full work all around it adding to its grandeur.

Her thick braid with gold embellishments is an ode to the traditional Kerala hairstyles but along with the outfit, it is just an added element that makes everything look even better! She finished the outfit with temple jewellery which is again a traditional choice for the Kerala Hindu bride look.

Kerala Hindu Bride1

Everything that adds to a Kerala Hindu bride look is a special element which is individually too intricate and symbolic of their traditions from their bright coloured sarees to a delicate piece of jewellery all these together make for the perfect Kerala Hindu bride and for the perfect look you cannot discount a single element.

It is all about royalty, colours and beauty with this quintessential pieces of traditional fashion. Whether you are a sucker for traditions or prefer something modern you should always let your bridal outfit be a reflection of your personal style and more importantly comfort, so have fun planning your look!

The Finest Places For Shopping In Kannur For A Fun Retail Therapy

Retail Therapy Kannur is a beautiful district known for its vibrant culture, rich heritage, natural beauty, and sandy beaches. Kannur is bordered with the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea. The development in Kannur was influenced by the Portuguese, British and Dutch and the city was known to the Romans, Greeks, and Arabs.

Retail Therapy

Along with its worldwide attention for its unique fabric and being a haven for food lovers, shopping in Kannur is quite interesting for people where they could shop for a variety for stuff, as is mentioned below.

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What To Buy While Shopping In Kannur, Kerala

From souvenirs, textile, handicrafts, quality handloom products, and garments, you can buy a range of natural and handmade goods here. You can also shop from a wide range of spices which Kerala is known for; from turmeric and pepper to ginger powder and other exotic spices available in the city. Tea, coffee, aroma oils, banana chips, and cashew nuts should also be among the list of things that you need to buy from Kannur.
Kannur is also known for its gold shops everywhere, where the gold reflects the traditional Malayalam spirit. And the best part about Kannur is that it is well connected with every other city in India so it can be reached easily. As Kannur is the shopping destinations for the major Keralites, here is a list of the top 3 destinations for shopping in Kannur.

1. The Fort Road
As one of the main commercial areas in the city, the Fort Road is one of the busiest hubs for many shops and bazaars in Kannur. The road is called Fort Road as it leads to the St Angelo’s Fort. The Fort Road grounds many major hotels and many shopping complexes, like; the Fort-light Complex, Supply Co, Kannur Mall, and the Super Bazaar among other small shops selling souvenirs and other small decorative objects.

Retail Therapy1

The Metro Home Hyper Market is also located in the Fort Road. The market has many jewelry shops, garment shops, spices shops, furniture shops, and crockery shops.
2. Fort Light Complex
The Fort light complex includes over 200 shops which have many shops and stalls selling garments, shoes, travel bags, souvenirs, fabrics, and cosmetics at reasonable prices. It’s a great place to grab accessories and apparels at cheap prices. Don’t forget to bargain with the sellers when you’re here.

Retail Therapy2
3. Kannur City Center
The Kannur City Centre is one of the largest shopping malls in Kannur and it is also located in the Fort Road. Kannur City Centre includes many large outlets like Baskin Robbins, Alukkas, Apollo Clinic, Asiatic Internet Cafe, Majestic, and Green’s Hypermarket.
Upcoming Shopping Malls In Kannur
ome of the upcoming shopping malls in Kannur are the Kannur Mall, Thana Square Mall, which will include spaces for all shops, restaurants, banks, and entertainment zone, and finally the upcoming Mukund Mall, the mall will be located at Thalassery, Kannur. The malls are all designed to international standards and will be providing the best business amenities.
Among other this, one should not leave Kannur without buying the Kathakali Mask as a souvenir as it is one of the most interesting shopping attractions in Kannur. During shopping, if you are looking to have some delicious local dishes like Biriyani, Dosa, Puttu, Appam, Idly, and Seafood, then head towards Ondens, it is one of the hot favorite among the locals for its seafood and meat Biryani lovers can try MVK restaurant.

Retail Therapyup

Street shopping in Kannur is never boring and you can never get enough of what it has to offer. So, the next time you plan a holiday in Kerala for leisure, pleasure and a shopping spree with your family, friends or even for yourself, don’t forget to take this list with you.

The Stories Behind These Haunted Places In Nagpur Will Give You Chills!

Haunted Places Known as the City of Oranges and the focal point of the country, Nagpur is a natural wonder ready to be explored. Cultural richness, unique sports, and genuine people make Nagpur a Postcard perfect place. But with a beauty of travelling comes a lust to experience something thrilling, what’s better than shaking hands with a Ghostly figure! Yes, the place has all kind of rumours which you could bluntly confirm with any Nagpurian.

Haunted Places

You will be shocked, by his stories. These places are so scary that just after listing the tales your heart beat will raise, your legs quiver and hands will start twitching. Let me show you a glimpse of what big things Nagpur has planned for you.

1. Amravati Highway

It’s hard to drive in the dark; some people often get sleepy and see strange things. This happens to 1 in every ten cars, here on this Amravati highway. However, the statistics change its obvious order. People passing late-night have a tendency to see a shaded figure walking alongside the road. Some just ignore it, and some give a deep thinking, about what was it with a little spark walking roadside in such dark? Some say it was just fog and some mock it as a drunk man. But what is it? Certain people who stepped out of their cars to check have reported a chilly wind experience with absolutely no soul there! Believe me; those people were brave and sober, who ran to their cars and drove their way home. The highway is now considered as a paranormal place. Now if someone sights something, they don’t stop, nor they talk about it, they just drive.

2. Parsi Graveyard

Ask anyone in Nagpur, and you will hear the same thing, Parsi Graveyard is the home to the devil. The people looking for some supernatural experience have tried visiting it and haven’t got up for a week or two. Almost every visitor reports an eerie sound followed by a manifestation of what is believed to be a human-like spirit. Now those people just have stories. For some, a warning is enough, but others will go and test their will, but is it enough?

People came for some thrill, something fun, but what they have are the creepy sounds clear in their heads which may join them to their graves.

3. Dev Nagar

What was a burning ground for the dead about 20-25 years ago, today is a fancy building? People live here in harmony, but there is a loophole to the other side here. It’s just not people living here but the burned dead too! The spirits mess with the living by randomly appearing or sometimes making a physical contact. The stories by everyone is different may be because of the excessive number of dead, found there. These are not just one man’s imagination, but their entire families have witnessed the bizarre things. It is shocking that while the place was under construction, an employee was found dead with no particular reason. His heart just stopped. The families living here challenge the people who mock them to stay just once and see for their selves.

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4. Ramtek

Black magic is something often used in horror movies, but is it real? Clear all your doubts by visiting this tree in Ramtek, Nagpur. The place is a hub for “Vashikaran”, “Jadu Tona”, “Tantra Mantra” and all other forms of black magic. Evil spirits come freely around the place, and during night, they are powerful enough to get hold of the person’s body, who pass under the tree. The place is dangerous and is not something to be taken lightly according to the native people of Nagpur.

5. Wardah Rail Track

Rail tracks are often romantic and pleasant, but this particular track was nothing like that for a young girl, who was raped at night with no soul to help her. From that day the girl’s spirit has homed herself there. The screams of that helpless girl still haunt the place and have not rested since then!

Haunted Places1

Visitors get Goosebumps as the sound of her screaming vibrates their ears, they just can’t stop listening to it, and even shutting their ears will do no good. Eventually, you will run to the nearest person for help, just don’t stop for a girl crying or you will further add your screams to the place as well.

6. Bander Forest

Even the dead people were civilised once, but what about animals? They do have spirits, they die, what happens then? Bander forest is known to its local’s as the resting place for bloodthirsty animal spirits. People who visited the area have stated a serious caution, to not go near it! Also, we are talking about the woods which mean wild animals, not dead the real ones too, which makes the place uncanny and life threatening as well.

7. Dayan Ka Ghar

The house near Amravati road has the word spook in its air. It was believed that a lady used to live here, but after some time a suspicious trail of missing children draw the neighbour’s attention to her house. Turns out she was obsessed with sacrificial magic and murdered all those children in her rituals to achieve something mysterious. The notorious spirit still lives in the house, just a door knock away. But what makes me curious is that, if she could do such horrifying things alive, what could she do with the spiritual powers of a ghost!

8. AH 43

Another empty road, with a fine haunting story. People crossing have witnessed a beautiful woman in a white dress conjured up in the middle of the road with a candle in her hand. As the car approaches and the driver hit the breaks, the girl vanishes like she was never there! The legendary story of the ghost of a woman with a burning candle might just have its origin.

9. Shukrawar Talav

The lake is a perfect spot for the people with suicidal tendencies. Every year about hundred people commit suicide here; residents quote that there is something magnetic about the lake that forces people to die here. This could be the wok of some black magic or some greater evil. What excites the curiosity is the number of people who die here! What thing can make a 100 people die; surely it could not be recession or depression of any sorts. Certainly, a supernatural explanation is theoretically possible here!

Haunted Places2

10. Wadi House

The place practically gets inside your mind! A minor girl was raped in this house; she couldn’t handle the shock and died, a few months after. The thing she bore itself authors a depressing imagination and with a supernatural stamp on it, the place is truly scary! Your heartbeat will rise, and your skin on your belly will feel strange sensations when you will see the girl sitting on the road crying. Your gut will tell you to run, but the humanity inside will not allow, you will go and ask, but nothing will help when she will reveal her true self and leave a mark on your soul forever!
So, many stories just piling up, Nagpur might just author a horror novel! So, are there any ghosts, or is it just a bad joke? If yes, then we must leave them alone and if no, well that is something you must convince yourself when you freak out by the door smash tonight!

Indian bliss – dreamy beaches in the north of Kerala

Indian bliss A train trip in India – this was on our bucket list since very long. So it was no question – to our second destination on our trip we go by train. We had ignored all warnings to make reservation for trains 2 month in advance. The day before we wanted to travel we simply walked into an agency in Fort Kochi and we were lucky. We got a second class non AC ticket for the next day to Kannur! Wow, travelling can sometimes be so easy. We were happy to leave Kochi. We liked the city, but our homestay was really awful and we were looking forward to a nice guesthouse.

Indian bliss

And again, how lucky we were – we got a room in our first choice guesthouse. In the morning we took a taxi to Ernakulam (the train station of Fort Kochi). It was packed with people, most of them spending the night sleeping on the floor of a platform. We easily figured out where our train left, and after only 30 minutes we were on our way to North Kerala. Non AC was comfortable enough and anyway, the journey took only 6 hours. The landscape we passed was amazing 

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and we loved to observe life going by in the different train station we stopped at. The 6 hours passed quickly. In Kannur we wanted to take a Rickshaw to the homestay on Thottada Beach. But they refused to take us – so we had to take a taxi. Another scam as we discovered later on – but anyway, we bargained well for the taxi prize.
We were welcomed at the KK Heritage Homestay like old friends. The owner, Sreeranj, is simply amazing. He gave us his private room, as everything else was booked. The room was simple but perfectly clean and big. He stayed in the living room for our stay – we really felt bad about this, but he was just happy.

The setting of the homestay was out of this world: close to a small lagoon and just a couple of minutes from the amazing beach. This is one of those places where you arrive with no expectations – and you just stand there with your mouth wide open. 3 nights was by far too short. We enjoyed every single minute. The food was great, the beach left us speechless and at night we had great discussion with  fellow visitors:

an amazing family from Belgium and one from Israel. Together we drank liters of Chai tea till late at night. Of course, we did not want to miss the famous theyyam, which is a very old form of Hinduism. In fact, it is believed to pre-date Hinduism. It is originating from folk dances performed during harvest celebrations. Especially the early morning performances are quite spectacular. That is why we got up at 3.30 am in the morning. A Rickshaw driver took us 30 minutes north of Kannur to a small temple in a village. The whole ceremony took about 1,5 hours and was really interesting. It ended with some blessings. Well, we were terribly tired, but it was worth it.

Thottada Beach and Ezhara Beach itself are stunning and empty beaches (just on sunday they fill up a bit with locals). You can walk along the shore for hours without meeting any people. There are a lot of big waves, but it is not dangerous to swim. It was pure bliss and exactly what we needed after our turbulent start in Kochi. And a big thank you to Sreeranj and his family.

6 Historical Places In Kerala That’ll Take You Back In Time

Historical Places One of the most visited tourist destinations in India, Kerala is famous for its natural beauty as well as it’s many historical attractions. The state is known for its rich culture, architecture and landmarks from the bygone era. Down the years, it’s multifaceted inhabitants ranging from the royal families to the colonies of Dutch, Portuguese, Jews and Britishers have inspired a conglomeration of tradition and culture which is a delight for any history lover. You can book from many Kerala tour packages available to get the best holiday experience and get a peek into its glorious past.

Historical Places

Here are some of the magnificent palaces, grand forts and other architectural marvels of Kerala that you must-visit:

Bekal Fort, Kasaragod District

The largest fort in Kerala, it was built in 1650 AD by Shivappa Nayaka of Keladi and is spread over an area of 40 acres. The massive structure looms 130 feet above the sea level and offers a magnificent view of the sea. The fort is shaped like a huge keyhole and is superbly maintained despite being such an old structure. It has been a witness to many battles fought against the invaders. It was constructed as a military base initially and at present is one of the top most attractions on your visit to God’s own country.

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Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

Located in the port town of Kochi, this palace is one of the finest examples of a combination of Kerala style of architecture known as Nalukettu and the colonial designs. The palace is shaped as a quadrangle. It was constructed in the year 1557 by the Portuguese as a gift to the then king of Kochi. There is a temple at the centre of the courtyard and the palace boasts of a wonderful collection of different artefacts and murals which dates back to as early as 17th and 18th century.

Muniyara Dolmens, Munnar

Located in Munnar, these are spectacular prehistoric dolmens which are said to from the Neolithic age. The burial chambers above the ground are constructed with big stone slabs which are known as ‘megaliths’. This place is no less than heaven for historians and history enthusiasts as it is perfect to explore the ruins of such an old era. The Munnar holiday packages can be customised to suit your likings.

Jewish Synagogue, Kochi

Historical Places 1

The only functional synagogue among the seven synagogues of Kerala, dates back to 1568 and was built by the Paradesi Jews community. The elegant architecture along with the resplendent interiors will leave you mesmerised. The floor is made of hand painted tiles which adds an extra dimension to the grandeur of the place. This place is like a history treasure chest with the exhibits belonging to as early as the 4th century.

Tellicherry Fort, Thalassery, Kannur District

The fort which was constructed in 1708 by the East India Company is an imposing structure with marvellous engineering. The rectangle shaped fort surrounded by strong bastions on two corners and secret tunnels which opens into the sea has stood tall against the test of time.

4, Wayana

Located at Ambukutty Mala, these caves are a combination of three boulders. One of the large rocks has come out in the centre and transformed naturally into the shape of a shelter. Edakkal means a stone in between, hence the name of the place, Edakkal Caves. These rocks were discovered in 1894 by the then superintendent of Police, F. Fawcett. The walls inside the caves are filled with paintings and graphics of the medieval age. The interesting positioning of the rocks along with unique artwork is sure to leave you intrigued and enthralled. There are many other tourist places to visit in Wayanad.

Theyyam in Kerala -A Unique Dance of Gods

Kerala is the home to the most beautiful and incredible art forms that are legendary. Art forms talk of culture, history, traditions, man, his religion, etc. Kerala has a few art forms which are really captivating and are incredible sights. The majestic experience of the art forms leaves viewers speechless as it not only attracts them but also makes them glued to their positions. One of the main art forms in Kerala is Theyyam, an incredible art form that takes you down the lane. Theyyam is an art form practiced only in Kerala and that too in a select part of its Northern Districts of Kannur, Kasragode and Calicut.

Originated in North Kerala, Theyyam is a famous ritual and art form which personifies legendary stories. Theyyam is the prominent ritual art form of the Kingdom of Cannanore aka Kolathunadu. Collaborating mime, dance, music, and dance, Theyyam unfolds the stories in the past and drags the spectators to a different world, unveiling the pasts and stories of the ancient times. Theyyam is of different types and there are around 400 Theyyams, each defined with its own style, music, and choreography.

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Among the different varieties of Theyyams, the most famous ones are Raktha Chamundi, Muchilottu, Kari Chamundi, Bhagavathi, Gulikan, Wayanadu Kulaven, and Pottan. The musical instruments used in this magnanimous art forms are Chenda, Kurumkuzhal, Elathalam, and Veekkuchenda. From time immemorial, dance ceremonies were done to worship the ancestral heroes and spirits. It is why Theyyam has grown to be an inevitable part of the lives of a certain population.
Adorned with flamboyant costumes and heavy makeup, artists have a striking look that catches the attention of the spectators. The ornaments, headgear, and choreography are majestic and strong that it creates an atmosphere of wonder, fear, and awe. With rigorous moves and sounds, certain Theyyams also include blood sacrifices. This ritual art form brings out a completely different shade of culture and beliefs. Theyyam is prominent in the northern parts of Kerala and are performed in the temples of Kasargod and Kannur. Theyyam draws in huge crowds and the applause earned is wilder than that of a concert. But more than the applause the impact it creates on people is what is highlighting.
What makes Theyyam remarkable

Theyyam is not just an art or dance form or a ritual but it is a possessed performance; the performer or the artist is processed by the spirit of God and does the unexpected and unbelievable. Once Theyyam is done, it is meant to bring peace and prosperity to the people. It is believed that calling out to God and God answering them will remove all the hazards in their lives.

It is an ancient dance form and a precursor to the more stylised and less vigorous Kathakali. Steeped in ancient history it is a wonderful mix of the ethnographic influences in the state of Kerala. The Theyyam performances are held in clan groups and all the members get their resources together and have it conducted year after year within a dwindling availibilty of money and the exaggerated moral responsibility of keeping the traditions alive for their ancestors and their family names.

Theyyam talks about tales convey messages and put forth eye-popping acts but it is not a performance for the sake of entertainment. It creates a greater reality and takes the viewers to another space. This mythological play is a wonder striking ritual that drags people from every corner of the world to Kerala.

Assuming the form of God, man appeases them and it is believed that in return of this ritual, God guarantees them prosperity and peace to the society. The communities who perform belong are Malayan, Vannan, Mavilan, Munnoottan, Velan, Pulayar, Kopalar, and Anjunnoottan, etc.

Gods & Deities associated with Theyyam

Muchilot Bhagavathi, Kannankattu Bhagavati, Raktha Chamundi, Madayil Chamundi, Vishnumoorthi, Kundora Chamundi, Puliyoor Kali, and Puliyoor Kannan are the common deities of the ritual art form. Though there are different deities associated with the act, Muchilot Bhagavati is the chief goddess. Each deity has a different story to narrate.

Theyyam Performance

Theyyam is generally performed in front of the village shrine and does not have a particular stage or curtains; It is out in the open. The devotees and the gathering or the crowd are spread around the performance or seated in the tree nearby.


Performances of the different deities are performed for about 12 to 24 hours with certain intervals. The dancers and the drummers recite the song and there is a huge clash of colors and voices that keep the viewers glued to their positions. IT is not just a clam performance, but one with vigor and passion.

The face paintings are diverse and some of the patterns are Prazkkezhuthu, Kattaram, Vairadelam, Kottumpurikam, and Kozhipushpam. The contrasting colors and their saturation gives life to the performer. We can see a whole new person not just because of the performance but also because of the looks they have. The looks have a deepening effect on the performance. The peculiar makeup, the loud voices, the striking music, and the energetic performance of the artist wins hearts and also the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses.

Attractions of Theyyam

From peculiar makeup to blood sacrifices, everything about Theyyam grabs attention and keeps viewers rooted to their positions. This ritualistic art form is not just another tourist attraction but a devoted act done to please the Gods. The ritual is believed to bring in the best of times for the devotees and that the Gods will clear them off all their hurdles and dangers.

The act is sometimes not believable to the eyes, as there are fire and bloodshed. The one possessed does the unimaginable. Jumping into the fire, hurting oneself with swords; there is a greater emotion than just a dance performance. This ritualistic art leaves the spectators spellbound and that is why it is a major attraction in the North Malabar.

People from all over the world come to witness this majestic performance of Theyyam because of the cultural richness it upholds. Documentaries, movies, articles, so much have covered the importance and beauty of Theyyam. Most people have also turned their lives to this incredible performance that they have become Theyyam artists.

Ultimately it is an economic issue whether this great dance form will survive or not.. The Theyyam dances are performed by distinct caste and communities and it is they who will over a period of time decide whether they would continue to perform the dances or better opportunities and employment will take them elsewhere. The Theyyam celebrations are expensive affairs and it is a tough job for the vast majority of the clans to keep it going.

The courageous believers are all set to perform Theyam not to please the viewers or devotees but to please his Lord, to please the One who has granted him life. Theyyam is a feeling. It is a feeling of the community to their Gods. It is a feeling that brings together different sects of people. It is a feeling that binds one believe – the supernatural.