Daily wage Kerala labourer wins Rs 12 crore in lottery

Kerala Porunnan Rajan, a resident of Kannur district in Kerala, struck gold on Monday when his lottery ticket turned out to be the winning ticket. A regular buyer of the tickets, Rajan has won prizes up to Rs 2000. However, on a fortunate Monday, he could not believe that he hit the jackpot when his ticket won the first prize of the Christmas-New Year bumper lottery worth Rs 12 crore, the biggest price from the Kerala state lotteries.

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Nearly three weeks ago, the 55-year-old daily wage laborer from Puralimala Kurichia (tribal) colony at Malur Kaithachala bought the ticket while he was on his way to the bank at Koothuparamba. The journey was to avail the fourth loan to make repayments of the three he had taken before. While on his way to the bank, he decided on buying a ticket from the Payyan Agencies. But, he did not tell anyone about his purchase as the ticket required him to shell out Rs 300, a lot more than the usual cost and also because his wife Rajani was against his habit of wasting money on the lottery.

Kerala labourer

When asked about his victory Rajan said, “I feel happy. I never expected this. I would now be able to settle all my loans which were around Rs 7 lac. I will now be able to fix my house. My wife always fought with me for my habit of buying lottery tickets as she thought it is a waste of money.”

A father of two daughters and a son, Rajan was constantly frustrated. He had to set apart a good portion of the amount he had taken as a loan to marry off his elder daughter, Athira. The ornaments of his wife also had to be mortgaged.

Now he is happy that his younger daughter Akshara, a student of Class 12, can complete her studies without any hassle. His son Rigil, who had completed his degree, has been helping his father.

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Rajan stated that he became aware of the bumper ticket after the announcement was made on the news. Rajan admitted that he was nervous to check his ticket number. On Tuesday he confirmed the ticket number at a nearby shop after which he claims that his life changed forever.

“I would also like to help the needy as I know the hardships of life,” said Rajan, who handed over the ticket, ST 269609, to the Malur Service Cooperative Bank at Tholambra, now part of the Kerala Bank.