Everyone seems to be gearing up to celebrate the festival of Holi (March 10, 2020). While it will be a great time getting together, one might also forget to pay attention to his or her skin. Holi is a festival that is played with colors. Traditionally people used to play Holi with colors made from flowers and Herbs, but now they have changed it to chemicals.

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So, here are 4 ways to protect your skin and hair from harmful colors:

1. Coconut and Mustard Oils

If your skin is dry, then it will definitely allow the chemicals to penetrate the body. So, you should always apply coconut oil on your entire body and apply mustard oil on your hair. This should be applied at least an hour prior to playing Holi. Also, it is very important to oil between the fingertips, near fingernails and behind the ear.

2. Sunscreen (SPF 25)


After applying mustard and coconut oils, never forget to apply sunscreen on your body. Make sure it is get-based, waterproof and of SPF 25. If you are in the Sun for more than 3 hours, remember to re-apply the sunscreen. It protects the skin from exposure to harsh rays of the sun and free radicals present in Holi colors. Also, don’t forget to apply lip balm at regular intervals.

3. Avoid staying in Wet clothes

Make sure you don’t stay in wet clothes for any longer than two hours. If you’re playing dry Holi (which is definitely better), try to keep washing your face and hands regularly. Apply curd on each other’s face so the color fades away and the skin gets moisturized too.

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4. Try using herbal colors

Either buy herbal colors or else make colors at home from flowers such as ‘tesu’ or ‘genda’, even beetroot juice. Using herbal colors will definitely keep your skin protected from the chemicals.