5 Best Places to Visitors Visit in Kozhikode or Calicut

Nestled in Kerala, the beauty blessed by Gods lies the scenic city of Kozhikode or Calicut. Although the city was always a prosperous trading town, yet what lures the tourists are various delightful places to visit in Kozhikode. Kozhikode has made its unique place in Indian history, as it is where Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese explorer, first landed in India. Basking in the pleasant locale, the city is a home to lush green landscape, tranquil beaches, backwater and a number of historic sites.


Kozhikode, a popular tourist destination in India holds epithets like ‘City of Spices’ and ‘City of Sculptures’. Warm ambience and many attractions in Kozhikode leave visitors in a state of awe.

Let’s have a look, at the 5 best places to not miss in Kozhikode!

Mananchira Sqaure

Nestled in heart of the city, Mananchira Square is one of the most visited places in Kozhikode. The park is built around Mananchira, a man-made freshwater pond which is a fed by natural spring. Pleasant ambiance, scenic surroundings, open-air theatre, artificial stream and a musical fountain delight you at the amazing place.

A number of sculptures add a charm to the place. Mananchira offers amazing views of the city from a corner. Earlier, the park had hosted several football tournaments. Visitors can feel relaxed even in the scorching heat of the day here.

Marvelous looking structures and an artificial hill presents a visionary retreat for the tourists. The park has been kept as a reminiscent of the bygone era because of its traditional architectural design. Tranquility prevailing at the place makes it stand out amongst the bustling streets of Kozhikode.

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Kozhikode Backwaters

Backwaters are the top tourist attractions in Kozhikode. The backwaters enjoy nature’s bounty and showcase plush flora and fauna, verdant environs, heritage sites and much more. Pristine scenic beauty cast a spell on the visitors.

One of the interesting highlight of the backwaters are the Kozhikode Backwater cruises. These amazing cruises allow you to sail over the Kallai and Canoli Rivers. You will always cherish the experience of staying in a luxurious houseboat and admiring the beguiling views.

Pristine and less explored backwaters of Kozhikode offer enthralling holiday options. These cruises bring fame for the two esteemed rivers and make them a favorite boating destination in India. Besides delighting you with once in a lifetime boating experience, the backwaters give you an opportunity to marvel at the rustic charm of rural culture of Kerala. Be it honeymooners, holidaymakers or tranquility seekers, Kozhikode Backwaters are preferred by all.

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Tali Shiva Temple

One of the oldest and well-known temples is Calicut is the Tali Shiva Temple. Portraying an architecture of typical Kerala style, the shrine is frequented by natives and foreign tourists as well. The temple houses a 2-feet lingam of Lord Shiva. The shrine is also admired for its superb woodwork, wooden roof carvings and astounding wall paintings.

Five pious ceremonies are held daily, that draw maximum footfall at this must visit place in Kozhikode. During the Malayalam New Year, the sanctum sanctorum hosts weekly festival. Many legends about its origin are associated with the Tali temple. Some people believe that God has bestowed them with this holy place which has brought prosperity for the town. As per common beliefs, the lingam of Lord Shiva was established by Saint Parasurama himself.

Visitors love to witness the intricate brass-relief on the walls of the temple. An interesting competition known as the ‘Revathi Pattathawam’ is conducted here annually which brings numerous scholars from far and near to the temple.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary

Scenic hills, a cluster of beautiful islands and unusual avian species can render anybody speechless. And, there is no better place other than the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary to experience it all under a single roof. The popular bird sanctuary of India houses innumerable charming migratory and local birds. A haven for bird watcher and photography enthusiasts, the sanctuary is one of the popular places to visit in Kozhikode.

The idyllic location of the Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary adds to its charm. The sanctuary is nestled amidst the hillocks at the confluence of the mighty Arabian Sea and the Kadalundi River. Spot terns, seagulls, sand plovers, sandpipers, green and red shanks etc. Astonishing views of the entire region from a nearby hill present a sight to behold. Sit back and unwind, with the rare otter glancing out at you in a frisky way.

Kozhikode Beach

Kozhikode Beach is another famous place to visit in Kozhikode that makes it so special. Two piers opening into the sea and a splendid light house has been greeting the visitors since ages. Charming landscape and rejuvenating and tranquil environment account for memorable holidays.

There are various things to do at the Kozhikode Beach which can make your day. Start with visiting the dolphin point to witness the diving skills of the Dolphins. Savor lip-smacking sea food at the beach. Don’t forget to get a sight of the 100-years old dock which adds to the old world charm.  Stroll around the spice market and Silk Street. You can also take your children to the marine water aquarium and Lions Park.

Best 9 Offbeat Backwater Beaches Destinations in Kerala

Backwater There are many reasons to fall in love with Kerala, from its wonderful beaches to its ancient tradition of Ayurveda. Not only is it blessed by nature’s bounty, but it also boasts a glorious heritage.


Kerala is also famous for its amazing backwaters that are a wonderful combination of lakes, canals and lagoons stretching parallel to the Arabian Sea. These offbeat backwater destinations in Kerala let you enjoy the serene beauty of Kerala without the usual tourist rush.

1. Poovar backwaters

Located in close proximity to Kovalam, Poovar backwaters is an incredible island paradise and one of the most famous beach destinations in Kerala. This backwater destination stands out for its unexplored beaches, incredible backwaters and long stretches of coconut palms that sway gracefully with the breeze. An interesting fact about Poovar Island is that it’s surrounded by small canals and the Neyyar River where one can spot several types of water birds including night heron, kingfisher, Indian Cormorant eagle and black darter.

2. Vaikom Backwaters

Vaikom is one of the oldest townships in Kerala and home to several amazing places untouched by modernity. The vast network of rivers and canals merge to form the wonderful Vembanad Lake. What makes Vaikom so famous is that it’s considered to be the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. One of the most famous tourist activities in Vaikom is a houseboat trip which lets you enjoy bird watching, fishing, angling and a glimpse into the rural village life. There is also an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is believed to have been built by Parashurama. It attracts tourists in large numbers.

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3. Thiruvallam Backwaters

Looking for a place that combines relaxation and adventure, solitude and excitement? Make your way to Thiruvallam backwaters, one of the most exciting Kerala backwater destinations. The exciting part is, you can actually enjoy several kinds of water sports here, like canoeing. You can also enjoy cruises to several villages which showcase the beauty of the region. Another fascinating experience is watching how houseboats are handcrafted. The famous Parashurama temple which is dedicated to the creator of Kerala, Parashapuram, is also situated here. This backwater destinations is also home to a famous area called “Veli Tourist Village” which is surrounded by Veli lagoon and Arabian Sea by a small stretch of sand. It is a popular 18-acre waterfront park with a climbing bridge that offers various water sports facilities.

4. Padanna Backwaters

Padanna backwaters, located in the district of Kasargod, is one of the most serene stretch of backwaters boasting great rows of coconut and palm trees. It’s perfect for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of the backwaters amidst seclusion. You can also enjoy boat rides here. The backwaters of Padanna are fed by five big rivers that make their way into the Arabian Sea. Taking a ride through these backwaters takes you past the old rustic charm of the rural areas. Some of the best activities which you can try out here are a trip on the houseboat, a day out on the beach and a traditional Ayurveda massage.

5. Kavvayi Backwaters

Kavvayi backwaters, which stretches from Kavvayi to Neelashwar, is the third largest backwaters in Kerala and the largest one in North Kerala region. This backwater destination is dotted with several small and large islands with unbelievably beautiful surroundings. Among these, the Valiyaparamba Island is the largest. You can enjoy yourself at Kavvayi by enjoying a leisurely stroll along the backwaters or hiring a country boat to explore the incredible scenery encompassing you. You could also choose to enjoy the theyyams (popular ritual form of worship) or attend one of the several temple festivals, if it coincides with the date of your visit.

6. Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba backwaters is regarded as one of the most beautiful backwaters of Kerala, and rightly so. Fed by four rivers and located almost 30km from Bekal Fort, it’s a popular weekend gateway for its relaxed ambience and meditative-like aura. For those attracted to adventure and lovers of photography, the Mangrove Trail of Malabar is the perfect destination. There are other beaches too which are immersed in perfect serenity like Pallikere and Kappil beaches.

7. Alumkadavu Backwaters

A unique experience awaits you at Alumkadavu, one of the most popular offbeat backwater destinations of Kerala. This place is famous for being the houseboat building center of Kerala. The main attraction of this backwater destination is the boat building yard where experienced and skilled craftsmen build boats from eco-friendly materials. Coir is also used to make handicrafts and souvenir items. The village also wears a relaxed and friendly charm that wins your heart easily. People visit this village for many reasons, one of them being to experience rejuvenation and soak in the mesmerizing views.

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8. Sasthamkotta Backwaters

Sasthamkotta, located in Kollam district, is called the “Queen of Lakes” for no small reason. Besides being a large freshwater lake, it has always bustled with tourist activity. It is surrounded by enormous hills on three sides and is also home to one of Kerala’s most important pilgrimage sites, the ancient Sastha temple. The friendly monkeys scuttling around the temple are viewed as divine by the locals. It’s such a pleasure to come and enjoy the friendly environment of the place and have a wonderful time.

9. Pathiramanal Backwaters

The serene backwaters of Kerala are home to various attractions, one of them being Pathiramanal. Pathiramanal, which means “sands of night”, draws bird lovers in large numbers because of its being a safe haven for hundreds of rare migrating birds. Situated about 13km from Alappuzha, it can be reached by a 1.5hr motorboat ride or 30 minutes speedboat trip. It is surrounded by the Vembanad Lake and is accessible only by a boat ride.

The Best Things To See and Do In natural Kannur, India


Once an ancient trading port, the city of Kannur stands rich even today with remnants of its glorious history – from grand forts to well-preserved museums. Spread along the Arabian Sea in northern Kerala, the city is also blessed with several glorious beaches and natural attractions. To make sure your experience in the city is memorable, we’ve compiled a guide to the best things to see and do while in Kannur.

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St. Angelo Fort

This Arabian Sea facing fort was built in 1505 by Dom Francisco de Almeida, the first Portuguese Viceroy of India. The fort has since withstood several attacks, and been under the control of various regimes – the Dutch in 1663, a local king in 1772, and the British in 1790. Today, its well-preserved ruins attract thousands of tourists to this quaint part of Kannur every year.

Kannur Lighthouse

This still-active lighthouse was first constructed in 1903 but later reconstructed in 1976 after the sea caused it much damage. Visitors can view the beachy coastline from the top of the lighthouse, and catch particularly striking sunset views. The surrounding park area is also particularly well-maintained and ideal for a stroll.

Arakkal Museum

This well-preserved museum is dedicated to the Arakkal family, Kerala’s only Muslim royal family, and is housed within the Arakkal royal palace. Featuring a range of items from photographs to antique furniture and weapons used by the royal family between 1545 and 1819, the museum safeguards the remnants of a unique slice of Kerala history.

Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach

The longest drive-in beach in India, Muzhappilangad Beach offers about four kilometers of sand suitable for visitors to drive into. Stunning sunset and sunrise views, frequent visits by rare migratory birds and picturesque rock formations are additional highlights at this famous beach. Well maintained and rarely crowded, Muzhappilangad is an experience not to be missed.

Iconic restaurants

In sync with the rest of Kerala, Kannur is home to countless impeccable seafood restaurants. Odense is a hot favorite among locals for its customized seafood dishes. From traditional fish fry to shrimp and squid entrees, the menu offers plenty of delicious food that begs to be tried. Meat lovers will find particular joy in visiting the famous MVK restaurant for their popular non-vegetarian biryanis.

Payyambalam Beach

This exceptionally well-maintained beach is among the most popular in the area. A bit secluded from the rest of the town, the beach boasts picturesque rock formations, calm waters, clear sands, and is bordered by lush green coconut trees. Ideal for picnics or even games of beach volleyball or football, Payyambalam Beach has something to offer everyone.

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Kerala Folklore Academy

The Kerala Folklore Academy was set up to promote the traditional performance art forms of Kerala. Home to a museum, library and cultural center, the Kannur campus of the institute proves to be immensely rewarding for anyone wishing to get acquainted with art forms particular to north Kerala.