Best Romantic Destinations In South India For This 2020 Valentine’s Day

The season of Love and Romance is here! Hey Lovebirds, what’s your plan for this Valentine’s Day? Believe me, there is much more than just expressing your love by gifting a bouquet of red roses, sharing a warm hug and a passionate kiss or proposing her with an expensive diamond ring.

Valentine’s Day

A romantic escape, your sweetheart could ever dream of, away from the rest of the world, just you two and the romantic setting as the backdrop, to spend memorable moments with the love of your life and fall in love with each other all over again. What better gift could you think of to surprise your loved one than this? So, get ready to take your darling away to the most romantic places of your dreams this Valentine’s Day to celebrate your love.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway in South India for this Valentine’s Day 2020, the list is here and all you need to do is just take your best pick:

Alleppey – An Absolute Delight For Couples:

The enchanting view of dazzling backwaters, dotted with a dozen houseboats, glittering green paddy fields, coconut trees swaying in the wind and the blue sky in the backdrop, rustic charm of the villages nearby, awe-inspiring sunset views, rejuvenating Ayurvedic couple spa and thrilling kayaking are an absolute delight for couples visiting Alleppey. This romantic backwater destination is just an awesome place to take your sweetheart for this Valentine’s Day.

Ilaveezhapoonchira – With the Love of Your Life Cherish the Most Romantic Sunrise and Sunset:

There is no better romantic moment than cherishing the most spectacular sunrise and sunset with the love of your life by your side. Ilaveezhapoonchira, one of the most adorable tourist destination in Kottayam district of Kerala which is known for breathtaking panoramic views and unparallel natural beauty, offers the perfect setting for this priceless romantic experience.

Wayanad – Propose Her at the Backdrop of Heart-Shaped Lake:

The natural heart-shaped lake (Hridayathadakam) at the Chembra Peak, surrounded by a bed of crisp green meadows makes for a romantic backdrop to propose your valentine. Chembra Peak is deemed as the highest peak in Wayanad district of Kerala, noted for its stunning scenic views and the beautiful Hridayathadakam, making it one of the best places to be at during Valentine’s Day.

Valparai – Share Warm Hugs & Kisses Amidst the Spellbinding Nature: 

A gleaming little green gem full of visually soothing natural vistas, Valparai in Tamil Nadu, is an enchanting place for you and your partner to disappear this Valentine’s Day. Express your love, share warm hugs and kisses amidst the spellbinding nature and make her feel special. The gorgeous beauty of the surroundings and the company of your love makes for a truly mesmerizing moment at Valparai.

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Romantic Nilgiri Mountain Rail – To Surprise Your Valentine with a Romantic Train Ride:

Surprise your valentine in a very special way with a romantic ride in South India’s iconic Nilgiri Mountain Rail that offers a delightful medley of the adrenaline rush, romantic feel and adventuresome vibe. Nilgiri Mountain Rail is one of the key attraction of Ooty hill station and a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is said to be the steepest rail route in Asia that takes you on a thrilling ride up and down the lush green valleys, winding tunnels and dense forests.

Kotagiri – A paradisiacal Setting to Make your Valentine’s Day more Special:

Take your sweetheart to the ever-charming Kotagiri that offers a paradisiacal setting endowed with luscious green meadows, endless tea plantations and perennially cool climate and make your Valentine’s Day more special. Kotagiri is Nilgiri’s oldest and the prettiest hill station which is snuggled at the towering height of 1985 m above the sea level and is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Munnar – To Fall in love with Your Sweetheart Forever:

An iconic romantic destination in Kerala with awe-inspiring scenic views, pristine natural beauty and the most soothing climatic conditions, Munnar is a fantabulous place to fall in love with your sweetheart forever. The rolling mist-clad mountains, visually captivating green tea plantations, spectacular waterfalls, winding lanes, lush meadows, dense forest, terrace hillocks and thrilling trekking spots makes Munnar a paradise for couples.

Golden Chariot Train (For Luxury Travel) – A Romantic Dreamy Affair For Luxury Lovebirds:

Valentine’s Day 1

This is really gonna be a romantic dreamy affair for every luxury lovebirds, a sojourn through the romantic destinations in South India in luxurious fashion in the Golden Chariot Train. Pride of South Circuit and an enduring symbol of luxury elegance, royal treatment and a superlative off-train excursion, the Golden Chariot Train is the first and only luxury train in India that offers tours to Southern India.

Goa – For a Lovely Beach Retreat with Your Bae:

A lovely beach retreat in Goa is one of the best ways you can celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your bae. It is one of the much-loved beach destinations in South India. Not just the gorgeous beaches, but also the stunning forts that portrays an old-world charm and mind-blowing Portuguese architectures of Goa will provide a great romantic setting for couples to celebrate their love.

Kumarakom – Celebrate Your Love at the Romantic Backwaters: 

Nothing can beat the romantic vibe you feel, cruising the darling backwaters of Kumarakom in a houseboat with the love of your life. With a cluster of picturesque islands, an abundance of natural beauty, green carpet of paddy fields and mangrove forests and unparallel tranquillity, this enchanting backwater destination in Kerala is sure to captivate the imagination and admiration of young couples.

Ooty – Get Pampered by its Romantic Ambience:

Head to Ooty this Valentine’s Day with your partner and get pampered by its romantic ambience. Rightly called the ‘Queen of Hill Stations‘, Ooty is a spellbinding romantic destination in the state of Tamil Nadu, bestowed with rolling tea gardens, lush green forests full of rich flora and fauna, beautiful rose gardens, exquisite hilly landscapes, lovely sceneries and year-round pleasant weather.

Andaman Islands – A Love Getaway Filled with Adventure:

A blissfully isolated romantic heaven, Andaman Islands is full of amazing surprises that offers you and your beloved a love getaway filled with jaw-dropping adventures. This stunning Indian archipelago is exceptionally beautiful with sun-kissed beaches, turquoise waters, spectacular coral reefs, undulating blue mountains, and scenic landscapes and is teeming with a variety of adventure activities from daring scuba diving to the thrilling helicopter ride.

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Vagamon – To Enjoy Some Romantic Moments With Your Soulmate:

The lovely hill station embellished with lush green meadows, rolling tea gardens, flowery valleys, misty slopes, charming waterfalls, and beautiful pine forest, Vagamon makes for a mesmerizing setting to enjoy some romantic moments with your soulmate. Known for its breathtaking natural beauty and offering adventure activities like paragliding, mountaineering, and many more, Vagamon is recognized as an incredible eco-tourism cum adventure spot in Kerala.

Kabini – To Discover the Royal Feel of Elephant Safari with Your Love:

Venture into the wild and discover the royal feel of an elephant safari with your love at Kabini, an astounding tourist spot and a famous wildlife destination in KarnatakaIt forms an amazing place to visit in South India on Valentine’s Day for those couples who admire wildlife. The place is blessed with rich flora and fauna and the couples can enjoy some memorable moments amidst the lush greenery and imposing waterfalls of Kabini.

Kudremukh – Give a Cool Adventurous twist for your Romantic Date:

Visit Kudremukh, a breathtaking mountain range in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka on this Valentine’s Day and give a cool adventurous twist for your romantic date. The presence of gorgeous grasslands, rolling meadows, abundant floral and faunal diversity and dense forests makes it a wealthy bio-diversity hotspot. The thrilling mountainous path of Kudremukh offers an unforgettable trekking trail with amazing scenic vistas.

Coorg (Scotland of India) – For The Romantic Duo who Love Nature: 

Coorg is one of the best places to spend this Valentine’s Day for the romantic duo who love nature. One of the most endearing destinations in KarnatakaCoorg is remarkable for its breathtakingly exotic scenery, lush greenery, endless coffee plantations and perpetually misty landscape. The place lures you with its mesmeric natural beauty and blissful ambience and no wonder why it is nicknamed as ‘Scotland of India’.

Vizag – A Vibrant City for Eternal Love:

Well-heeled with natural spectacles and manmade surprises, Vizag is a vibrant city for eternal love to celebrate an unforgettable Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. Dotted with sky-scraping mountain ranges, beautiful beaches epitomized with serenity, breathtaking natural caves and picturesque sceneries, Vizag is the pride of Andhra Pradesh and it makes for an ideal romantic escapade with your soulmate.

Lakshadweep – To Drench in the Magic of Love:

Lakshadweep boasts a hundred thousand islands for you to drench in the magic of love with each other. A mesmerizingly beautiful and awe-inspiring Indian archipelago, the real charm of Lakshadweep lies in their remoteness making it an ideal place to take your partner on this Valentine’s Day. Exotic sun-kissed sandy beaches, lush green landscape, emerald waters, colourful coral reefs, abundant flora and fauna, etc makes for captivating natural spectacle at Lakshadweep.

Pondicherry – To Treat Your Partner with a Romantic Candle Light Dinner amidst rustic French Charm:

Pondicherry, the ‘French Riviera of the East‘ is yet another dreamy escapade for couples on Valentine’s Day. It’s fun to treat your partner with a romantic candlelight dinner amidst rustic French charm of Pondicherry and the whole romantic ambience will certainly light your flame! This former French colony in India offers an amazing fusion of traditional Indian sensibilities and stunning French architecture.

Gokarna – For Lovers Looking for a Much Relaxed Valentine’s Day:

An amazing blend of unmatched tranquillity and natural splendour, Gokarna is an ideal pick for lovers looking for a much relaxed Valentine’s Day. An off-beat vacation spot and a soul-soothing beach location in KarnatakaGokarna is mystically spellbinding with a stunning contrast of blue sea and golden sands embellished with swaying coconut trees and palm groves.

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers, but it is for anyone and everyone whom you share the emotion of love with. It can be parents, siblings, husband, wife, children, and loved ones. So, celebrate this beautiful day with those people whom you love and care.