The 5 Best Kolkata Restaurants for Foodies

The ‘city of joy’, Kolkata is a gastronomical delight. There isn’t a cuisine you can’t find here but certain foods like telebhajakaathi rolls, churmur and luchi aloor dum are distinctly Kolkata! While authentic Bengali dishes find a place on menus of most Kolkata restaurants, Chinese, Continental and Marwari cuisines are equally popular.


Here’s our pick on the top 5 Kolkata restaurants to enjoy a meal at.

1.      Kewpie’s

If mouthwatering Bengali food is what you’re looking for then Kewpie’s is a great choice. A small family-run restaurant, this place is one-of-a-kind run out of the owners’ home. Homely in every sense, the food is as delectable as what you may find in the fancier Kolkata restaurants. Kewpie’s uses recipes passed down over generations and the proof is in dishes like daab chingrichorchori and elish patur.

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2.      Flurys

Like most dining establishments in Kolkata, Flurys is probably the most iconic. Originally a tearoom set up the Flury family in 1927, it’s known for its fine European confectionaries. Over the years, Flurys has expanded to become a full-fledged restaurant while still maintaining its charming European café feel. Especially legendary at Flurys are their rum balls, scones and Christmas menu complete with roast turkey and pudding served during the holiday season.

3.      Sweet Shops

Milk based desserts are an essential part of Bengali cuisine. Rasgulla, sandesh and mishti dohi are by far the most sought after and available at all the sweet shops scattered around town.  When in the city, make a stop at any of the Kolkata’s famous sweet shops including KC Das, Ganguram, Balram Mullick and Radharam Mullick, Gupta Brothers and Mouchak to satisfy your craving.

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4.      Mocambo

Back in the 50s, Mocambo was the place where everyone went to shake a leg and grab a bite while jazz singers crooned guests. Mocambo was eclectic and kitschy European for its time. Today, much of its past glory has been translated and retained especially on its Continental menu. The Fish à la Diana, Chicken A-La-Kiev and Prawn Cocktail are favourites definitely worth ordering. The Baked Alaska dessert is sensational!

5.      Chinatown aka Tangra

Because of the city’s large Chinese immigrant population, to find Chinese food in Kolkata restaurants in commonplace. For both authentic Chinese and ‘Indian Chinese’, make your way to Chinatown in an area popularly known as Tangra. Restaurants like Kim Fa, Beijing, Golden Joy and Kim Long serve everything from chilli chicken to wontons on the menu.