6 Picturesque Backwater Famous Resorts in Kerala

Backwaters in Kerala are without a doubt, magical. Formed by waters of lakes, rivers, sea, canals, into a navigable network, it is one of the blessings of nature. Backwater Resorts in Kerala are a certainly a dream come true for a water lover.


Whether you are planning for a leisure holiday, honeymoon, or an adventure, this picturesque gift of the Arabian Sea, backwaters will provide you blissful experiences. The backwaters are a world of its own supporting a unique ecology, a languid lifestyle, adventures and the bliss of Ayurveda. Holidays cannot be anymore blissful than one spent in the backwaters of Kerala.

1. Punnamada Backwater Resort, Alappuzha

Punnamada Backwater Resort is counted as one of the most beautiful backwater resorts in Kerala. This haven in God’s Own Country offers cherished memories to its guests, whether you come for a family holiday or romantic honeymoon.

The backwater resort displays the gentle charm of indigenous Kerala architecture with addition of modern luxuries. The cottages on the property enjoy comforts as well as breathtaking natural beauty. Your stay promises the warmth of staying in a home, while away from home. Ayurvedic spa, houseboat cruises, bicycles, and many more things enhance the pleasant experience of a vacation in the resort.

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2. Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort, Alappuzha

Counted among the best places for backwater tours, Lemon Tree Resort is set on the shores of Vembanad Lake offering wonderful holidays. Cheery setting, friendly smiles and the fragrance of lemon, welcomes guests for a delightful vacation.

Soaked in alluring charm of the backwaters, this holiday resort allows visitors to check-in into a houseboat or stay at the traditional themed cottages. The backwater resort is equipped with luxuries in addition to the natural beauty of the backwaters. Indulge in the pleasant scenery, cuisine, wellness programs, entertainment and activities. Your stay in this resort will be a loving memory of Kerala.

3. Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere

For backwater enthusiasts to Kerala, Vasundhara Sarovar Premiere is an ideal retreat on the shores of Vembanad Lake. Spend pleasant moments with family, friends or your soul mate. This retreat is nestled amidst lush plantations and enticing stretches of silent backwaters. Experience Kerala not as a guest but as a participant of the delights of paradise.

While visiting this backwater resort in Kerala, visitors can opt to stay in luxury houseboats or floating cottages, deluxe suites or heritage rooms. Irrespective of what options you select, you will be promised with the true essence and vibes of Kerala’s heart-warming hospitality.

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4. Le Meridien, Kochi

Straddling the backwaters and the Arabian Sea, Le Meridien Kochi is one of the luxury hotels in Kerala. It is set against the backdrop finest natural harbors in the world with access to many gems of the coastal state. Experience the charm of nature, multi-ethnic heritage and extravagant luxuries.

The accommodations are fashionably luxurious. Pamper yourself in the pleasures of spa and sauna, fitness centre, bar, library lunge and other amenities of the 5-star resort. Choose to dine at restaurants offering a range of seafood, Indian and continental dishes. Enjoy holidays in the Le Meridien, and collect memories of a lifetime.

5. Riverine Backwater Resort, Alappuzha

Truly one of the picturesque backwater resorts in Kerala, Riverine Backwater Resort, is situated alongside the evergreen banks of River Pamba. Blessed with all beauty coconut palm plantations, paddy fields, backwaters and canals, the resort is a promise of bliss. Experience the serenity of nature during your stay.

Set as a typical Kerala village, the backwater resort maintains the traditional culture and hospitality. Revel in aesthetic beauty of the resort, it is one of it’s the kind. The cottages are private and comfortable Restaurants, spa and other amenities, are of international standards. Cherish the houseboat trip between Alappuzha and Resort.

6. Haveli Backwater Resort, Alappuzha

Haveli Backwater is one of the premium backwaters resorts in Kerala. The resort is sophisticated, modern, and decent in terms of services and amenities. The charm of the resort is that it is built on a typical Rajasthan architectural theme. It is a classic Rajasthani Fort afloat on Kerala Backwaters.

This unique resort has modern rooms and suites with private balconies overlooking the Alleppey backwaters, in fact the ending point of the famous Nehru Snake Boat Race. Relax along the swimming pool, spa or fitness centre. The multi-cuisine restaurant is truly a treat for your taste buds.