Best Thrilling Paragliding Locations in South India

Paragliding – the most thrilling and amazing adventure sport that allows you to enjoy the excitement of flying like a bird, soaring up into the blue sky, and admiring the wonderful panoramic views of Mother nature beneath. Paragliding in South India was not so popular until recent times.thrilling

But now South India boasts of some wonderful paragliding sites which is gaining more attention among tourists and locals. South India’s beautiful terrain with a mix of lush valleys, undulating hills, evergreen surroundings, and spectacular views all around makes it the ultimate destination for paragliding. So, wait no more to taste the thrill and fun of paragliding in South India!

Here is the list of Best Paragliding Locations in South India. So check out before you go!

1. Yelagiri, Tamilnadu

A boon for travellers and adventure seekers, the beautiful hill station of Yelagiri in Tamilnadu is currently the hotspot for paragliding in South India. The scenic Yelagiri Hills which were less frequented than other tourist places in Tamilnadu is now a hotspot of tourists and adventure lovers after being promoted as a place for adventure sports.

The best thing about Paragliding in Yelagiri Hills is its altitude and the spectacular views of vast green natural expanse. It is just an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience to soar high up in the air like a bird, at 2200 feet above sea level and enjoy the birds-eye view of the lush surroundings of Yelagiri underneath. Yelagiri Hill Station is located about 3 hours away from the capital city of TamilnaduChennai. Professional experts guide you throughout the process. The hill station has a paragliding club that provides this activity throughout the year. Also, amateurs and intermediate workshops take place here. Yelagiri Hills also hosts International Paragliding Festival that attracts numerous paragliding enthusiasts from all over the globe.

Why Yelagiri Hills For Paragliding?

Amazing scenic views, great altitude, Paragliding workshop for amateurs as well as intermediate, Good service and ensure safety.

Best Time To Go

September to February.

2. Vagamon, Kerala

Vagamon Hill Station in Kerala is yet another much-sought-after paragliding location in South India that attracts paragliding enthusiasts. The stunning location of Vagamon embellished with lovely green meadows, never-ending emerald tea plantations, lofty mountains and lush valleys makes for an ultra-scenic landscape to fly over.

The mesmerizing beauty of the place is aptly complemented by the cool climate and steady winds that makes for a great paragliding experience. Vagamon offers paragliding from a height of 1200 meters. As trained pilots are available here, one can enjoy Tandem Flights at Vagamon. The Adventure Park in Vagamon hosts the International Paragliding Festival that draws a huge flock of paragliding enthusiasts from not only India but also from all around the world.

Why Vagamon Hills For Paragliding?

Can enjoy Tandem Flights, Experienced and qualified guides, Spectacular sceneries, and the lovely cool climate.

Best Time To Go

October to March.

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3. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Nandi Hills in Karnataka is another beautiful hub of paragliding in South India. Located at a height of about 1400 m above sea level, Nandi Hills is favourite among expert paragliders for its perfect climate and plateaued terrain with hill canopies ideal for landing.

The beautiful Nandi Hills is just 70 Km from Bangalore and is easily accessible for city dwellers looking for adventure. Nandi Hills is heaven for countless adventure activities that attract young adventure seekers of Bangalore and Hyderabad, among them, Paragliding is its star attraction.

Why Nandi Hills For Paragliding?

A great paragliding site with plateaued terrain, perfect climate, all-year-round paragliding destination, wonderful sceneries.

Best Time To Go

Throughout the year except in the months of July-September when monsoons arrive.

4. Arambol, Goa

Paragliding over the stunning Arambol Beach in Goa will be one of the most exhilarating and extraordinary adventure rides you would have ever experienced in South India. As you enjoy the excitement of flying over the mesmerizing beach, admire the bird’s eye view of the azure waters and the beautiful shores lined with palm trees.

Paragliding in Arambol Beach is perfect for beginners as the place offers a smooth and calm breeze which is perfect for a no-break flight. Next time, when you visit Goa, don’t forget to try the thrill of paragliding over the beautiful Arambola Beach.

Why Arambola Beach For Paragliding?

For a unique experience of paragliding over the waters, perfect for beginners, mesmerizing vistas.

Best Time To Go

October to June.

5. Munnar, Kerala

The gorgeous Munnar hill station huddled with snow-capped mountains is the perfect spot to go paragliding in South India.  Situated in the Western Ghats at a height of 1600 meters above sea level, Munnar is one of the most picturesque hill stations in Kerala, known for its enchanting beauty and climate.

Paragliding in Munnar gives you a wonderful opportunity to soar across the majestic skies and admire the panoramic vistas of misty hills, lush tea plantations, beautiful valleys, as well as enjoy the cool climate of the hill station. Munnar hill station offers Tandem Paragliding where trained pilots accompany you and glide you across the sky.

Why Munnar Hill Station For Paragliding?

Provides Tandem Paragliding, Trained Pilots, Spectacular location with spellbinding views and a cool climate.

Best Time To Go

September to May.

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6. Banjara Hills, Hyderabad

The Banjara Hills in Hyderabad is one of the ideal spots to try paragliding in South India and the place is teeming with adventure lovers throughout the year.

The paragliding activity at Banjara Hills is held under the guidance of expert trainers. The place offers an unforgettable paragliding experience and the spellbinding aerial views of beautiful natural surroundings, as well as the wonderful sites of mountains and valleys, are just out of the world. For first-timers, Banjara Hills will be an ideal choice.

Why Banjara Hills For Paragliding?

Beautiful location, expert trainers, ideal for beginners, provides lifeguards.

Best Time To Go

Throughout the year.

7. Varkala, Kerala

The spectacular tropical beach town in the Thiruvananthapuram district of KeralaVarkala is a tourist hub known for its beautiful beach and thrilling water activities. And it is now slowly gaining popularity for providing seaside paragliding activity.

Paragliding in the beach town Varkala is a delightful experience where one can enjoy a bird-like journey over the blue waters of the mighty Arabian Sea and take delight in the stunning views of the picturesque surroundings.

Why Varkala For Paragliding?

Picturesque location, fly over the mighty Arabian sea, expert trainers to guide.

Top 7 Best Trekking and Adventure Places in Kerala

Snuggled in between the Western Ghats mountain range and the Arabian Sea, Kerala has the best of both the worlds. The lush green mountains of Kerala are home to exquisite rainforests, green tea plantations, pristine tribal settlements and wildlife unique to the biosphere. It is perfect to explore embarking on trekking and other wildlife adventures.


There are numerous trekking and adventure places in Kerala blessed with natural beauty and peace away from chaos of cities. Kerala is not just the place to get away for relaxation, adventures abound the entire state.

Here are the top 7 Trekking and Adventure Places in Kerala:

1. Agasthyakoodam Peak

Agasthyakoodam Peak stands at a height of 1868 m above sea level, accessible only on foot. It is the second highest peak in the state. Legend states that the mountain was the abode of great saint Agasthya. Till date, women are not allowed to undertake this trek, as the tribals and worshippers of the legendary Saint believe that he wouldn’t approve.

The trek to Agasthyakoodam is through pristine hills and forests. The mountain is said to be a storehouse of medicinal plants needed in Ayurveda. The air you breathe in the mountain is also therapeutic, curing diseases and ailments. At the end of the trail at the high top, there is a full-size statue of Agasthya on the peak. Pay your respects. Marvel at the breathtaking scenery, photograph the beautiful landscape and learn about the Ayurvedic herbs growing in abundance.

2. Chembra Peak

Chembra peak is not just beautiful but thrilling to explore. Trekking through Chembra Peak goes through large tea plantations, trails shrouded in misty clouds and lush forests. It rises to a height of 2100 meters above sea level.

The trek to Chembra Peak is of 14 km and takes 4-5 hours. It is worth the hard work to trek to the high peak when you make a stop at the heart shaped lake. It is an alluring attraction of this peak. This lake is known as ‘hridhayathadakam’. Marvel at the gorgeous scenery and enjoy the sight of rare flora. Trekking to Chembra Peak is not for the novice but for those with some previous experience. The local tribal folks offer their valuable advice as they know most trails and the region.

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3. Rajamalai / Eravikulam National Park

Rajamalai is a small hill station situated inside the Eravikulam National Park. The park was founded to protect the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Trip to Rajamalai is for nature lovers and to enjoy trekking.

The Eravikulam l national park is spread across an area of 97sq km and is a protected area. The park is divided into 3 regions of core area, buffer area and tourism area. Apart from the Nilgiri Tahr, other species inhabiting the park are elephant Gaur, Leopard, Lion-Tailed Macaque, Tiger, Giant Squirrel, and Sambar. Birds, flora and rare herbs are also seen.

Visitors are allowed to trek in the tourism area, which is in the Rajamalai region. Tourists can take safari and trekking tours inside the park. One can walk along the trail or board the safari bus. Entry fee is to be paid at the entry point adjacent to Munnar – Udumalpet main Road.

4. Anamudi Peak

Anamudi, the 2,695-m high mountain sited in the Eravikulam National Park is the highest in Kerala. It is also the highest point in India outside the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. Trekking to the dizzy inducing peak is one of the must do things in Kerala.

The trek to Anamudi Peak passes through lush hills, valley, tea estates, spices plantations, and wildlife etc. You can also enjoy the view of Vaigai and Thamirabarani and the Periyar River flowing into the Arabian Sea. While your journey to the peak you can be greeted by Asian elephants, Gaurs and the Nilgiri Tahrs. One of the most beautiful sights is the total covering of the hillside with the blue Neelakurinji blooms. You look up and see nothing else but the carpet of blue flowers and this happens only once in twelve years.

5. Dhoni Hills

Dhoni Hills is a healthy thriving forest blessed with several natural riches. The Hills neighbor the beautiful Malampuzha Reservoir. Dhoni Hills is a wonderful destination for trekking. About 3 from Dhoni Hills, Azhakampara waterfall is a delightful attraction to see amidst scenic beauty. The falls are a 4 km trek from bottom of the hills through steep mountain trail.

The Dhoni hills trail takes you on a memorable trek in the soul of the Western Ghats. It is extremely rich in wildlife, and trekkers have the chance to sight some rare species. Leopard, sloth bear, Nilgiri langur, hanuman langur, bonnet macaque and other rare mammals are spotted. Among birds, Malabar whistling thrush, Asian fairy blue bird and a number of bee eaters are sighted. En-route make a stop at the British Kavarakunnu bungalow constructed in 1857 and now an abandoned site.

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6. Silent Valley National Park

The Silent Valley National Park spread across 89 sq. km is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It is the catchment area of the Kunthi River. The entire valley was declared a national park in 1985 but is closed to tourists, and there is no habitation within the park. So it was a rare privilege to be allowed to trek through the Silent Valley.

The trails of the Valley take you through remarkable scenery, from tropical evergreen forest with gigantic trees and Shola grasslands. Leopards, deer, elephants, Tiger, the Nilgiri tahr, Nilgiri langur, Malabar giant squirrel and a large bird population that includes Malabar whistling thrush, hornbills all live in Silent Valley National Park.

7. Ponmudi

Ponmudi is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala, extremely known for its natural beauty, enchanting trekking route and the amazing view of the lush hills and clouds.

Ponmudi is a hill station in the Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala in India. It lies at an altitude of around 1000 m and is a popular destination for trekking in Kerala. In the local language it means Golden Crown. It is part of the Western Ghats mountain range that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea.

Ponmudi is blessed with natural beauty. A variety of wildlife inhabits the hills. Sightseeing includes Ponmudi Waterfalls, Deer Park, River Kallar, Meenmutty Falls and Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary. It is also famous for Ayurvedic medical treatments. It also the breeding grounds of the broad-tailed grass bird, a threatened species.

Ponmudi serves as a base for several trekking and hiking trails. The famous trekking trail starts from Kallar River Bridge just before Ponmudi and proceeds along the banks of Kallar River upstream till Meenmutty Waterfalls.