What Are The Good Things Happened By Coronavirus?

Good things happened by Coronavirus?? Sounds crazy…right? COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease has brought a halt in the regular life of people, destroying lives and livelihood. The entire world is under lockdown; schools, universities, offices, and entertainment centres have closed down; public gatherings banned; sports, games and other activities canceled; tourist spots and beaches are empty, panic and tensions all around.


And how can all this be a good thing? Of course, they are not. But still, the monstrous Coronavirus has a silver lining as there are so many good things happening around the world even at this time of misery.

The Coronavirus Silver Lining!

Nature Reclaiming Its Space:

Ever since the world was put under lockdown and humans began retreating from the public places to avoid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak, nature has begun reclaiming its space. The trees are greener, the sky is clearer, birds chirping, butterflies flying, and animals roaming freely around the empty streets. It seems nature hits the reset button and our Mother Earth is using this opportunity to heal herself.

Air Pollution Reduced:

One of the major environmental issues the world faces today is air pollution. Surprisingly, as most of the people are at home with their families, there is fewer vehicles on road, fewer factories, fewer airplanes, no dust, and no mining, thus the air pollution is drastically reduced, indicating the pandemic has a good effect to the environment. Around 90 cities in India have recorded minimal air pollution during the last few days of lockdown, due to the dramatic drop in Nitrogen Dioxide levels.

A glimpse of Delhi before and after lockdown. Especially, the national capital, Delhi which hasn’t seen blue sky and pure air for the past years is now breathing the cleanest air. Similar drastic falls in pollution levels were seen in other countries like Europe and China since their lockdowns.

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Water Quality Improving:

The lockdown has helped in clearing the water bodies as well. For example, the Venice canal which is normally polluted by Gondolas now has clear waters. Dolphins have returned to the coast of Italy and swans spotted in the city’s canals. It shows our Mother Nature is thriving since the lockdown starts.

The Coronavirus lockdown significantly improves the water quality of the River Ganga, since all the factories are closed. Also, River Yamuna and River Brahmaputra water quality have improved in such a way that the water looks clear and is gradually turning blue. It shows our Mother Nature is thriving since the lockdown starts.

Relationship Strengthening:

This monstrous pandemic not only has a good effect on our environment but also gives us an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our family and loved ones. Now, we are all in family lockdown, the communication between family members has increased, long conversations and indoor games have taken over phones. Moreover, it made us realize that more than money, wealth and job it’s our family and loved ones that matter the most.

Cleaner Hands and Personal Hygiene:

People have become more aware of their health and immunity now.

The Coronavirus outbreak has taught people the importance of washing hands with soap and water or sanitizers, as well as the etiquette of coughing, sneezing, and social distancing. People also have learned respiratory hygiene as many are wearing masks that not only helps in combating COVID-19 but other airborne diseases like TB etc.

No Robbery, No Crime and No Murders:

With the coronavirus outbreak, the number of crimes, robbery and murders also seems to reduce. Yes, our society too is benefiting from the lockdown.

Indirectly, we are all in a mission to tackle the spread of Coronavirus pandemic, staying at homes. It is quite natural that we feel bored and lifeless, even a bit unhappy being confined to the indoors. But guys, it is the time for us to stay positive and proactive to create small moments of happiness despite this depressing situation. Also remember, there’s never been a better time to stay at home like this, so spend it wisely.

How to spend these lockdown days healthy and positive?

More Family Time:

So many of us complain about not having enough time to spend time with family due to our busy life. Now we have all this time handed to us on a plate to savour the lovely moments with our family. Spend quality time with your loved ones, have long conversations, play with your kids and have fun.

Try Out Virtual Tour & Plan For Your Future Trip:

Craving to travel but can’t leave home? Neither lockdown nor social-distancing can’t stop you from exploring when you can try virtual tours from the comfort of your own home. Google offers virtual tours of international natural monuments, sea tours, street art tours and many more to quench your thirst for exploring during these lockdown days. Also, look for some offbeat destinations for your future trip.

Exercise Enough:

Our body needs enough exercise to stay healthy and fit. No matter you are staying indoors, you can try a lot of simple exercises like plank, sit-ups, push-ups, walking up and down the stairs in your home, short walks or jogs inside your house premise, and many more.

Eat Healthy:

A healthy diet is not only important for physical health but our psychological well-being too. Include a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals and spices in your diet and drink lots of water.

Sleep Well:

It is important to sustain a regular sleep routine; six to nine hours sleep at night is sufficient. Lack of sleep can negatively affect our psychological well-being concentration and our emotional intelligence as well as increase our risk of developing chronic health conditions, like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Practice Yoga & Meditation:

Practicing yoga and Meditation is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety, thus making us feel good and stay positive.

Cook A New Recipe:

If you love cooking, it is a wonderful time to cook new recipes and serve your family.

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Listen To Your Favourite Music / Read Your Favourite Books:

Spend your quarantine days listening to your favourite music or reading your favourite books you’ve been craving to read for a long time but skipped due to your busy work schedules.

Bring Out The Hidden Talents In You:

Make use of this time to bring out the hidden talents in you that will keep you entertained during these lockdown days. Try learning some creative skills like paper crafts, jewellery making, cooking, etc.

Brush Up your Photography Skills:

If you love photography, this is one of the best times to brush up your photography skills at home when you have ample time in your hands. You’ll find a lot of fascinating things at home to capture in your camera and create a great photograph with your signature touch. So, get your Instagram ready to showcase your photography skills to the world.

Make Your Own Vegetable Garden At Home:

A must-to-do activity during your lockdown days is to make your own vegetable garden at home. It not only keeps you engaged during these days but also provides you with fresh and poison-less vegetables.

Care For The Elderly, Poor & Needy:

As we care for ourselves and our family, we must care for the elderly, poor and needy and make sure they don’t miss out on essentials like food and medicine.

Mother Nature is healing! – the biggest impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Let, this be a learning lesson for all of us, the lesson of co-existence that nature is not only for humans but for every living being. Hopefully, a wake-up call for all of us to take care of our Mother Earth.